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Consignment Store Policies

  • All Items are seen by appointment only.

  • When you come in for your scheduled appointment the owner will go through all of your items with you and
    select the one’s that best fit the store.

  • The pricing of the items is determined by the owner. 

  • The items go out on the floor for 90 days total.

  • After 30 days what hasn’t sold will be marked down 25%.

  • After 60 days what hasn’t sold will be marked down 50%.

  • After 90 days what hasn’t sold the consignee can either reclaim their items or Classique Consignment will donate them for you. If you choose to have Classique Consignment donate your items, Classique Consignment will receive the tax write-off.

  • If you wish to reclaim your unsold items, you have 10 days (between the 90th-100th day) to reclaim your unsold items. We require 1 days’ notice to locate and prepare your items. If items are not picked up after the 10 day reclaim period, items become the property of Classique Consignment.

  • Funds from the sale of your merchandise are available for pick up at any time. If you would prefer a check be mailed to you, we require a self-addressed stamped envelope. All checks will be mailed at the end of the the 90 day sales period.


Please don't take offense if we don't accept your items. There are plenty of reasons why we may decline, including current inventory thresholds and time of season.

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